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Medical Waste Disposal Service


Switch Medical Waste Services offers our customers the best possible waste management service and pricing. At Switch Medical Waste, our priority is to provide our clients with face to face, relationship-based service.


We will provide our customers with collection, transportation, disposal and treatment services for Regulated Medical Wastes. All waste that is generated, handled, and collected by our clients will be managed exclusively by trained professionals working for Switch Medical Waste Services. 

Compliance Training Program


Switch Medical Waste Services helps manage all of your OSHA compliance requirements with our one-stop online compliance solution. MSDS/SDS, BBP Training, Hazcom Training, HIPAA Training, Safety Plan Builder, and more, all with a single click of a button.


In addition, to help our clients learn more about how to avoid violating federal waste disposal regulations, an informative guideline can be found here.

Document Shredding and Pharmaceutical Waste


Our document shredding services ensure the secure and confidential destruction of sensitive information, safeguarding our clients from data breaches and legal liabilities.

Our pharmaceutical waste disposal services facilitate environmentally responsible disposal of medical waste, helping clients maintain regulatory compliance and uphold community well-being.

Service Area
Sharps Containers & Other Medical Waste Products
Red and Yellow Medical Waste Bags and Box Liners

Red and Yellow Bags Box Liners

Medical Exam Gloves

Medical Exam Gloves

Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers

Medical Waste Bins

Medical Waste Bins

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protection

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